Important changes starting June 1, 2021. Due to Covid, we changed from a group setting to a private setting. We will now offer both, HOWEVER, CAVE DOORS WILL CLOSE ON THE HOUR EVERY HOUR SO PLEASE ARRIVE 15 MINUTES EARLY AS ONCE THE DOORS CLOSE WE CANNOT OPEN THEM FOR THOSE WHO ARE LATE. We will offer group settings of up to 8 people for $25 per person for a 45 minute session.  If you prefer a private setting, it is $35 per person. HOWEVER, if you have at least 8 people, we will offer the $25 rate and can allow up to 10 people. Thank you and Stay Salty!

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With our Kid’s Room set up to look like a beach, they’ll be enjoying themselves too much to even notice all these great healing benefits! 

We have Salt For The Kids Too!

Because of their more immature lung and immune systems, children tend to be more susceptible than adults to breathing issues, allergies, ear infections, asthma and sinus problems. Kids also tend to pass germs among their schoolmates and friends which oftentimes results in more frequent sickness. 

Dry salt therapy for children can significantly help to:

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